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Namaste Indian Street Food

Authentic Indian street food flavors

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Biryani Street

Traditional, aromatic rice dish. All biryani served with raita, hot pickle, salad, and papad (thin, crisp lentil wafer).

Clay Oven Street

Street Breads


Stuffed Naan

South Street

Served with sambar (lentil and vegetable stew) and chutneys

Namaste Kids

Attention Customers

Dine-in prices may vary. Not all menu items may be available for delivery. If you need assistance with your order, please call us at (706) 414-8033.

All Day Street

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South Indian spicy lentil soup.

Murg Makkai Soup


Thick corn & chicken soup

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Tricolor Couscous & Quinoa Salad


Diced vegetables and herbs with choice of dressing.

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Chickpea, Kale & Potato Salad


India's street favorite. Add chicken for a small upcharge.

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Veggie Samosa


Spiced potatoes, onions, peas filled savory pocket.

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Kale Pakora


Chickpea flour battered crispy fritters.

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Chicken in a Cone


Crispy cone of fried chicken. Choose your flavor - vindaloo, tomato garlic, blue cheese, sriracha mayo, sesame Asian, curry mayo.

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Buratta Butter Chicken


Our street favorite and UK's national dish with buratta cheese. Served with your choice of white or brown basamti rice.

Goan Street Vindaloo


Served with your choice of white or brown basmati rice.

Coconut Fried Chicken


Served with spicy mango chutney in banana leaf. Served with chapatti

Kottayam Sloppy Joes


Two sliders stuffed with minced beef and served with fries.

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Crispy sphere filled with flavored water

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Bombay Bhel Puri


Puffed rice earthy vegetable and chutneys.

Paneer Tikka Masala


Grilled paneer and vegetables in creamy butter sauce. Served with your choice of white or brown basmati rice.

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Garlicky Cauliflower


Crispy cauliflower florets in garlic glaze.

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Chicken Kurma


Savory chicken in malai sauce

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Beef Ularthiyathu


Kerala street beef fry. Served with chapatti

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Paneer Mirch


Cottage cheese in ginger garlic curry gravy.

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Pav Baji


Butter bun with vegetable gravy. A Mumbai street favorite.

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Ragada Patties


Veggie patties in chickpea marsala.

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Samosa Chaat


All time favorite Indian street food. Delicious base of savory chickpeas, onion, and cilantro topped with fried samosa and sweet and savory chutneys. A must-try.

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Vada Pav


Indian vegetable slider with fries.

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